fceux and multitap fun posted Sat, 16 Jan 2010 14:26:09 UTC

I've been trying to get four player support in fceux working. I finally broke down sometime ago and wrote a couple of the programmers working on the project. It seems the SDL port of the game had missed a core change somewhere along the way to maintain working multitap support.

But after a quick look at the code apparently, one of the programmers got things back in working order, and now things like Gauntlet 2 and Super Off-road can be played in all their four player glory!

The mysterious option to use is fceux -fourscore 1 game.nes.

Along the same time, I discovered an undocumented nastiness. If you're foolish enough to change some of the options via the command line, specifically the --input1 gamepad option for example (which I'm fairly certain worked in some previous incarnation of fceu(x), you will wonder why suddenly all of your controls have stopped working. Looking at the generated fceux.cfg, those options should now be --input1 GamePad.0 for example. Use 1-3 for the others. If you just leave things alone though, this will be the default.